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A Note from Our Leaders

Fran shares:

Someone once said to me that all the residents at the Austin Transitional Center (ATC) want what we have: cars, jobs, houses, insurance, bank accounts, and such. They want “security” and “stability.”

Yet, they already have what we all need: total acceptance that they are powerless without God, a deep gratitude for the forgiveness of their sins, and a true dependence on the Lord to help them lead victorious lives.

Many ATC residents have reached rock bottom. They have now learned that the only way out is and up is turning to Jesus.

Our ministry is messy work, sometimes without the results we hope for, but we have learned that we are “seed planters” instead of “harvesters.” There are many memories, stories to share, and lessons learned from many years of involvement with Freedom Church.

The wonderful surprise is that so many of these residents, after accepting Jesus and finding hope through this ministry, are ready to serve others.

It doesn’t take much to embrace and inspire our members. A note in the mail, a short email, a phone call, or a listening ear over lunch inspires total acceptance in these men and women. I would encourage anyone that wants to receive a big blessing in their lives to take the time to join us in our Freedom Church ministry.

As Jesus said: “Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.” (Hebrew 13:3)

Mark shares:

It has been an honor and joy to serve the men and women transitioning from captivity into a life of freedom in Jesus. Over the last two decades, my family and I have encouraged the Freedom Church members with the love of Jesus through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Yes, we’ve given much and have made many sacrifices; however, and I state without any hesitation, it is us who have received the greatest blessings.

This is God’s work, and we have been blessed to join Him in what He is doing. My family and I along with other volunteers have seen God move in miraculous ways to restore lives regardless of their circumstances.

We continue to be inspired and amazed by what people can overcome when Jesus is at the center of their lives. Jesus alluded to the fact that the Kingdom will be full of surprises and paradoxes, such as “the last will be the first.”

Freedom Church ministry is synonymous with CHANGED LIVES FOR THE BETTER!